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The Gastronomy Foundation is an international non-governmental organization of a non-profit nature based in the Czech Republic, which establishes another headquarters abroad to ensure successful cooperation and effective humanitarian aid in emergency situations.

The basic objectives of Gastrofound are to promote, support and develop sustainable gastronomy - to contribute to cultural and socio-economic development, international understanding, peace, prosperity and universal respect, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, regardless of race, sex, language or religion.

In pursuing these goals, Gastrofound pays special attention to the interests of developing countries in the field of gastronomy.

To establish its central role in gastronomy, Gastrofound creates and will maintain effective collaborations with public administrations and diplomatic missions, intergovernmental organizations, academic and research institutions, business corporations, civil society and the UN system to build a more sustainable, responsible and competitive gastronomy sector .

In this context, Gastrofound will conclude agreements on cooperation and participation in the activities of the Development Program as a participating and executing organization. Among other things, it will serve as a global forum for gastronomic diplomacy issues and a practical source of funding through its activities and events, while fully respecting the responsibilities of partner states and sector partners.